Conference programme

Day one - Monday 9th September 2019

08.30    Registration and refreshments

09.00    Session 1

            Blood pressure measurement on the NICU: what have we learnt in 50 years?  Keith Barrington

            Pharmacodynamics & use of cardiotronic drugs in neonates:  Evidence based or clinician biased? 

             Heike Rabe

            Management of heart failure unrelated to CHD on the NICU - Willem de Boode

11.00    Mid-morning coffee

11.30    Session 2

            The effects of perinatal asphyxia and hypthermia on neonatal heart performance - Eirik Nestas

             NIRS - Should we be using it clinically on the NICU - Topun Austin

             Hemodynamic perspectives of babies on respiratory support - Charles Christopher Roehr

13.15    Lunch

14.00    Session 3

             Delayed cord clamping and milking: current evidence and future research - Anup Katharia

             Necrotising enterocolitis & blood transfusion:  dispelling the myths - Cheryl Battersby

             Twin to twin transfusion syndrome and haemodynamic complications - Heike Rabe

16.00    Panel discussion - Moderator David Crossland

             Keith Barrington, Heike Rabe, Anup Katharia, Willem deBoode, Eirik Nestas

17.00    Wine reception


Day two - Tuesday 10th September 2019

08.00     Registration

08.30     Session 4

             Neonatal resuscitation with intact cord: Should this become standard practice?  Anup Katharia

             Recent advances in interventional paediatric cardiology in CHD - David Crossland

             Managing pulmonary hypertension in babies - a systematic approach - Samir Gupta

10.30     Mid-morning coffee

11.00     Keynote lecture

             Hemodynamic management in newborn infants - the journey so far - Keith Barrington

11.45     Session 5

             Real time hemodynamic monitoring and data acquisition: development of

             precision medicine - Willem deBoode

             Advanced methods for assessment of myocardial performance

             (displacement, velocity, deformation and twist)

             - Erik Nestas

13.00     Lunch

14.00     Session 6

             Heart rate monitoring and HeRO - what have we learned from a decade of experience? 

             Chris Dewhurst

             Can end organ perfusion be used to guide hemodynamic management - Topun Austin

             Management of neonatal hypertension

13.45     Case based discussion - Moderator Majd Abu Harb

              Chris Dewhurst, Erik Nestas, Willem deBoode

16.30     Thanks and close