Conference programme

Day 1 - Monday 10th September 2018

08.00     Registration and coffee

08.25     Welcome and introductions (Samir Gupta)

08.30     Session 1:  Pulmonary Hypertension introduction and basics

  • Historical evolution of pulmonary hypertension (Steve Donn) 'Back to basics: The interplay between pressure, resistance and flow' (David Crossland)
  • Pulmonary hypertension and oxidative stress: where is the link? (Max Vento)
  • The role of the ductus arteriosus in pulmonary hypertension (Afif El-Khuffash)
  • Discussion

10.30     Mid morning coffee

11.00     Session 2: Diagnosis of pulmonary hypertension

  • Clinical diagnosis of pulmonary hypertension and use of bedside modalities (David Crossland)Echocardiographic assessment of right ventricular and pulmonary artery pressure, resistance and flow (Anna Johnson)
  • Exclusion of congenital heart disease in patients with high right sided pressures (Milind Chaudry)
  • Limitations of echocardiography in the diagnosis and management of neonatal pulmonary hypertension (Afif El Khuffash)
  • Discussion

13.00     Lunch

14.00     Session 3:  Pulmonary hypertension and pharmacotherapy

  • Inhaled nitric oxide in babies with hypoxaemic respiratory failure and PPHN (Nim Subhedar)
  • Chronic pulmonary hypertension - what is it and will it go away? (Amish Jain)
  • Role of Sildenafil in PPHN - What is the evidence (Neil Patel)
  • Advanced therapy for pulmonary hypertension - Anything to transfer to the neonatal unit?  (Shahin Moledina)
  • Discussion

16.00     Afternoon tea

16.30     Debate

  • The evidence support active management of very preterm babies with PPROM & PPHN (For: Amish Jain, Against: James Tooley)


Day 2 - Tuesday 11th September 2018

08.30     Management of pulmonary hypertension

  • Pathophysiology and management of pulmonary hypertension in IUGR babies (Helmut Hummler)
  • Diagnosis and management of PPHN in babies with diaphragmatic hernia (Neil Patel)
  • Controversies in pulmonary hypertension accompanying BPD: to treat or not to treat (Steve Donn)
  • Management of pulmonary hypertension in babies cooled for HIE: new insights (Amish Jain)
  • Discussion

10.30     Mid morning coffee

11.00     Session 6:  Pulmonary hypertension - thinking outside the box

  • Refractory pulmonary hypertension - when to consider and how to manage? (Helmut Hummler)
  • Management of pulmonary hypertension in babies with cardiac dysfunction (Milind Chaudhary)
  • Role of ECMO in babies with PPHN: practical tips for neonatologist (Judit Llevadias)

12.30     Lunch

13.15     Potpourri

  • International classification of neonatal pulmonary hypertension (Wishna Rasiah)
  • Approach to the respiratory management of baby with PPHN (Jan Mazela)
  • Transporting a baby with pulmonary hypertension: from basics to recent advances (James Tooley)
  • Outcome of babies with pulmonary hypertension in 21st century (Nim Subhedar)
  • Discussion

15.15     Case presentations and reflective learning (4 cases)

  • Afif El-Khuffash, Vishna Rasiah, Amish Jain, Neil Patel

16.45     Thanks and close